Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall class review: Fashion Design - Medieval Flair

This past week we wrapped up my Fashion Design - Medieval Flair Class at the Worcester Art Museum.  I had a great, creative class and some wonderful designs and creations came out of the class!
A "Beautful Oops" moment.  One student's bleaching try at home did not go so well - but she did a great job with marker and embroidery making it into a one-of a kind shirt. Diana

Fingerless gloves made in class with hand embroidery and the designs the gloves inspired. Sharon

Detail of hand-carved fabric stamp design by Sharon

Some designs from Diana for the final project

Tools, hand-carved stamp, and image on fabric by Susan

A spread of the instructors samples and demos

Final project design - incorporating the hand stamped fabric, inspired by a piece of WAM art into a final design.  Elizabeth S.

If you missed this - be on the look out for Fashion Design - Medieval Flare, Part 2 starting at the Worcester Art Museum in January 2014 (see Classes & Workshops page for more info)!


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